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24 Cans Vacuum Cupping Massage Set Chinese Medicine Physiotherapy Healthy Care Anti-Cellulite Suction Cups For Body Massager

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Method of Application

1. Pull the upper valve bar of the cup to guarantee smooth air flow before begin the treatment.

2. Fix the vacuum air bleed muzzle to upper part of the cup and then pull rod vertically about 4 times to create appropriate negative pressure.

3.When the treatment has finished , smoothly pull up the valve bar on the upper part of the cup to remove the cupping instrument.

4. It is advisable to use edible flour dough to make a air tight loop under the cup to ensure air tightness when apply to the part of your with less muscle or other position sush as hair parts, hands and feet as well as arthrosis etc.

5.Use disinfectant fluid to wipe the cupping instrument after aooplication. never soak it.

Cupping Note:

1. Fullness, fasting is not cupping operation

2. The same site, not every day cupping;

3. Cupping mark, did not subside before, no longer cupping;

4. Women's menstrual period, and other parts of the hemorrhagic disease, non-cupping.

5. Cupping do not immediately take a bath, especially in a cold bath.

Package Note:(Oil not in the package.oil not good for shipping)

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