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African Garlic Buttocks Breast Enlargement Bottom Oil Butt Enhancement Enlarge Hip Fat Cells Get Bigger Butt By Walking

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Most importantly: Make sure to massage for 5-10 minutes to make it hot! ! ! Heat is effective, no heat does not work! Just need to massage for 5-10 minutes and it will be hot! If it doesn't get hot, please contact us!

Get big ass by walking
  • Apply after getting up in the morning, you can exercise your buttocks while walking to work.

  • After dinner in the evening, apply massage and walk for 30 minutes.

  • After smearing with targeted buttocks exercises, the effect will be faster.

Increase blood circulation in a short time after application, make fat cells digest and absorb and store more fat.

Our essential oil comes from a country called Liberia in West Africa. Whether you have heard of this country or not, it is the oldest country in Africa. At first, this essential oil was applied to the body by local people in order to repel mosquitoes, but slowly they discovered For breasts, buttocks, and thighs, these fatty areas will have the effect of increasing and tightening. After applying essential oils, they will heat up and expand magically after 5 minutes. Due to some historical reasons, this oil has only been passed down locally. Now you can still see them using this oil to repel mosquitoes and shape the perfect African buttocks
1.Our essential oil formula comes from the magic formula in the South African female tribe. This formula is a very common butt-enhancing massage oil for local South African women in life, but it is indeed very mysterious to us in other countries in the world. Some of us may envy the buttocks of African women, maybe we don't like such big butts, but we need their formulas to shape a more satisfying body. We can increase the buttocks to the extent we like according to our needs.
2. Not all countries women like garlic buttocks, please buy according to their own country's aesthetic concept!
3.During use, please Eat more beef to provide protein for gluteal muscle growth to provide protein for buttock growth!
4.If you only need a slight butt augmentation, you only need to perform a buttock massage every night, without matching training. If you need a large butt augmentation, in order to make the butt augmentation more tight and not slack, we must do it Exercise, this is the perfect butt tight!
There are undoubtedly two ways to increase buttocks: 1. Increase fat 2. Increase muscles; buttocks muscles will participate in most of the exercises in our lives. African essential oils will accelerate the degree of anaerobic respiration of muscle fibers after application. It greatly stimulates the regeneration of the buttocks muscles. You can use it before going out. You will feel your butt muscle fibers are accelerating and you will feel heat in the buttocks. This is a very good performance. When you are walking, after using it, you No longer need to go to the gym for intensive anaerobic exercise, just go with daily walking, or do 15-minute aerobics at home, after applying African essential oils, do a group of hip exercises according to your preference, and soon you will Get a satisfactory answer.
Scenes to be used:Before outdoor exercise, when you go for a walk, when you are jogging, when you are going to the gym for exercise...

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